Chalets Montmorency celebrates its 45th anniversary

At the foot of Mont-Sainte-Anne


A family history with a unique owner

ST-FERRÉOL-LES-NEIGES, December 8, 2021 – Rare are the organizations that reach their 45th anniversary under the leadership of a single man! John Barclay, owner and founder of Chalets Montmorency, can boast of this feat, thanks in particular to the presence of his two daughters in the management of his business for nearly 20 years. This year, he is celebrating the 45th anniversary of his resort with 45th anniversary promotions and even a beer brewed for the occasion by the Microbrasserie des Beaux Prés.

Pioneer of tourist accommodation at Mont-Sainte-Anne
John Barclay was first and foremost a mountain, travel and skiing enthusiast. At the time, his passions brought him to Switzerland to enjoy the mountains. There he found an atmosphere, culture, architecture and lifestyle that inspired him and that he wanted to bring back to Canada. Upon his return from Europe, he became a ski instructor at Mont-Sainte-Anne and met Gisèle, who would become the woman of his life and his partner in his future professional project.

The young couple bought a piece of land and began construction of the first tourist building: The Innsbruck, inspired by the Swiss chalets John had in mind. On December 23, 1976, Chalets Montmorency was born, and it was the day they welcomed their first client. Following the success of this first complex, they built more buildings over the years. In 1988, they continued with an indoor pool and hot tub in the Lake Placid building. All entities are named after the mountain and in honor of Olympic cities. Today, Chalets Montmorency has 46 units and the Barclay family still has a desire for development.

A fascinating family history and an assured succession
Through their professional projects, Gisèle and John Barclay also created a family by giving birth to their two daughters, Jessica and Melissa Barclay. Literally immersed in the world of the Chalets, they grew up there until the spring of 1987. After studying, traveling and working outside the home, they joined the team and today they both manage the family business alongside John. Jessica took over as General Manager in 2003, and Melissa has been at the helm of marketing since 2007. Their goal is to continue to grow the business over four seasons, developing and retaining various types of customers.

What sets them apart
“Our strength is the variety of our offer,” explains Mélissa. “From studios to eight-bedroom homes, our units can accommodate groups of two to 20 people.” At the time, John defined his clientele by his network of contacts in the ski world, namely athletes and clubs who came from outside the area to train or to stay. Since then, Chalets Montmorency have always been a reference for this type of clientele who visit the region. Today, while the product has evolved and the destination attracts visitors year round, the infrastructures have been adapted to reach a clientele of mountain bikers, hikers and families discovering the region.

45 years, that’s something to celebrate!
It will be a unique season at Chalets Montmorency this winter, and visitors will feel it from the moment they make their reservation until the end of their stay! A public event gathering all the people who have been involved in the organization will be held in January at the Microbrasserie des Beaux Prés. Guests will be able to taste the new beer La Barclay, which will be launched in honor of the festivities. More details will follow on the formula.

In addition, several special 45th anniversary promotions will be launched this year on the Chalets Montmorency on their Facebook page: a page to follow to enjoy an affordable stay at the foot of Mont-Sainte-Anne.


Photo credit : Chalets Montmorency | Ralph Samson

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Lisa Marie Lacasse, Chalets Montmorency

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